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Conference Venue

The Diversity Conference is to be held East-West Center, situated in a lush, quiet area adjacent to the University of Hawai'i's Manoa campus. It is convenient to all of Honolulu's resources, yet feels a world away from the bustle of Waikiki and downtown. Common Ground Conferences


Hawai'i has a history of diversity as intense and vibrant as any in the world. The conference will heavily feature this local diversity—with strong participation from the Indigenous People of Hawai'i, and the diverse cultures who have settled on these tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific. Hawai'i is, both literally and culturally, a mid place between dramatically different cultural, social and economic worlds.

Hawai'i has a large domestic and international airport, with direct connections into major airline networks. A range of accommodation options, and an accommodation booking area, is to be found on the conference website.


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Ancient Hawai’ian canoes and Hawai'ian star compass, paintings by Herb Kawainui Kane. Hawai'ian star compass, courtesy Polynesian Voyaging Society.


Using the Hawai'ian Star Compass, the wayfinder orients the canoe to the rising and setting points of stars. The compass consists of thirty-two directional points around the horizon, whose names are associated with wind directions, stars or constellations.


'Since 1975, the Polynesian Voyaging Society has built and launched two replicas of ancient canoes - Hokule'a and Hawai'iloa - and completed six voyages to the South Pacific to retrace migration routes and recover traditional canoe-building and wayfinding arts. The voyages have provided a wealth of information about traditional Polynesian migrations, documenting the exploration and settlement of islands in an area of over 10 million square miles during a period of over 1,000 years. As Hokule'a and Hawai'iloa travelled throughout Polynesia, they have inspired among Polynesians an increased awareness and pride in our seafaring heritage. They also sparked a revival of canoe building and sailing, arts that had not been practiced in over a hundred years'

Common Ground Conferences


'Guided by our vision and shared values, we come together as an 'ohana and community. Our core values are: Aloha: To love; Malama: To care for; 'Imi 'Ike: To seek knowledge; Lokomaika'i: To share with each other; Na'au Pono: To nurture a deep sense of justice; Olakino Maika'i: To live healthy.'